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Press Releases

9/15/16: Alliance board of directors endorses Measure 98
9/15/16: Alliance board of directors endorses candidates in Multnomah and Clackamas County and state races
9/14/16: Affordable Housing Bonds garners endorsement by Alliance Board of Directors
8/4/16: Alliance issues statement on Governor Kate Brownís endorsement of Measure 97
3/8/16: Alliance board of directors endorses Ted Wheeler for mayor
2/24/16: Alliance releases city and county candidate questionnaire results
12/10/15: Study reveals strong Portland-metro job growth
05/12/15: New study reveals state of Portland-metro's middle-income jobs
01/06/15: Study reveals impact of road congestion on stateís economy and jobs
12/17/14: Study reveals Portland-metro jobs recovered, incomes still lag
09/17/14: Portland Business Alliance, Portland General Electric release public opinion poll
04/29/14: Study highlights economic impact of region's health care sector
11/20/13: Study reveals Portland-metro's progress of economic recovery
10/16/13: Latest Value of Jobs report shows economic impact of international trade
04/18/13: Alliance board of directors makes endorsements in Portland Public Schools board races
03/19/13: Source of Portland-metro's income decline? College-educated workers
11/28/12: Study reveals Portland-metroís progress of economic recovery
09/26/12: New report shows manufacturing sector as source of higher wages, better benefits for Portland-metro workers
09/11/12: Public and private-sector partners urge new investments to support traded-sector job growth
09/06/12: Alliance releases candidate questionnaires for Portland City Council Position #1 race
07/12/12: Latest Value of Jobs Coalition report shows force of traded-sector jobs
04/23/12: Value of Jobs Coalition launches advertising campaign to inform public
04/18/12: New study shows industrial sites need strategic investments to produce jobs
03/13/12: Portland Business Alliance releases Multnomah County Commission candidate positions
02/03/12: Portland Business Alliance releases update of Value of Jobs Action Plan
01/19/12: Portland Business Alliance releases Metro Council candidate questionnaire responses
12/7/11: Study identifies strong, weak points in Portland-metro economy
10/17/11: Portland Business Alliance releases 2012 election candidate questionnaires
07/06/11: Portland Business Alliance releases JOBS Scorecard, rates elected officials on private-sector job creation
05/10/10: Joint Business Association Statement on Stability Package
05/10/10: Oregon business associations release top priorities for job creation
03/16/10: Portland Business Alliance and Portland General Electric release public opinion poll
02/16/10: Portland Business Alliance Jobs Summit generates action plan
12/15/10: New economic study highlights international trade as a strength for both Portland-metro region and state
12/7/10: Portland-Metro Economic Study press release