Jobs Summit

At the Portland Business Alliance's Jobs Summit, 140 public and private leaders gathered to discuss the economic trends impacting the Portland-metro region, such as declining wages and incomes and substantial job losses in Multnomah County.

Attendees agreed on a vision for the Portland region: create a vibrant and prosperous regional economy that generates family-wage jobs and sufficient tax revenues to support critical public services. Attendees then set out to create a list of near- and long-term action items to help achieve that vision.

During the summit on January 21, 2011, economists John Tapogna of ECONorthwest and Tim Duy of the University of Oregon framed the causes and implications of the economic challenges the region faces and outlined some solutions to those challenges.

Summit attendees also heard from business owners as well as public sector leaders such as Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen and Metro President Tom Hughes about what it takes to create jobs in the Portland region.

Break-out sessions provided the opportunity for Jobs Summit attendees to delve deeper into issues of interest, such as:

  • Education
  • Land Availability
  • Transportation/Infrastructure
  • Tax Policy
  • Business Climate/Regional Economic Development
  • Small Business/Innovation
  • Jobs in the Urban Core

Each break-out session compiled near- and long-term action items for their issue and Jobs Summit attendees voted on their priorities.

The Alliance compiled the action items and identified the various entities that would take the lead, such as business organizations, public leaders and universities. You can read the Job Summit Action Plan and additional priorities below:

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